Thursday, May 31, 2018

Xiaomi Mi 8 flagship phone

Xiaomi today launched 6 performance-price ratio products: the most eye-catching is Xiaomi Mi 8 transparent exploration version, with fingerprints and 3D unlock structure under the screen, priced at 3699 RMB, but also I think the most worthwhile purchase today.

 There is also a Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, the price of about 1799 RMB, using Qualcomm 710 processor, the price and this design good price. Should pay attention to the ordinary Xiaomi mi 8 version is no screen fingerprint and 3D unlock, price 2699. Also launched a 75-inch Xiaomi TV 4, for only 8999 RMB, and a Xiaomi MI Band 3, and the world-renowned oculus Go Chinese version of the Xiaomi VR machine, for only 1499 RMB.

Xiaomi Mi 8 finally used Samsung's super amoled screen, 6.21 inches, FHD resolution. Mi 8 sells 2699 RMB more spec information see English and USD price on Nextbuying ( pre-order now ). Note that Normal Xiaomi 8 is a big bang, he doesn't use 3D unlocked , so in my opinion, the 3699's Xiaomi Mi 8 exploration version is good smartphone, and the transparent back cover is cool.

Xiaomi by 30% in the Indian market, and the European market was greater than 999%. 41.8% market in China. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Full screen smartphone and New Xiaomi mi 8

When can the smartphone truly achieve a full screen? if there is no constraint on the front camera, I think it is very possible. the word of mouth is not very good, the idea is very good. a little troublesome, it will be a good idea, at least it can be said that it is an important step in the overall screen process. as for the current, can only follow Apple iPhone X.

The simple summary is that the large screen without forehead and chin dominates the screen + Face id structured light technology. He contains the meaning of these two aspects. From the screen, it is very difficult to make the iPhone X, a mobile phone with almost no jaw.

Vivo smartphone will release the flagship mobile phone NEX on June 12th, which is the production version of Apex, lifting camera, real full screen smartphone.

Some people say that the Xiaomi Mi 8 is too similar to the iPhone X. I don't think this is a bad thing. The more it looks like a kind of talent, I will participate in the Xiaomi Mi 8 Shenzhen conference ( Nextbuying xiaomi mi 8 blog and Youtube video will show it).

Smartphone screen ranking top one Apple iPhone x, 2, Samsung S9 and S9 plus ( Samsung S9's smartphone stunning symmetrical design is now is number one. ), 3, Huawei Mate RS, 4, Google Pixel2 XL.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Play Store on my notebooks

I will have the brightness turned all the way up on my Chromebooks and then when I shut them down and then turn them back on their brightness is set to 75% each and every time. I thought maybe this was a power setting mode but I don't know just annoying that's all no big deal. 

I have disabled Play Store on my notebooks After months of bug reporting, resetting and so on,. I have no need for that because I found it to use more of Pentium resources and also for example YouTube and Play Music are so much better when used from Chrome browser. So much more FREE RAM and SPEED when store is disabled. 

Holding the Google Pixelbook as a tablet for prolonged periods can be a bit uncomfortable.  It's still fairly heavy compared to true tablets, adding a feature at the expense of another feature can't be overlooked. If I wasn't taking advantage of Supervised Profiles, I'd probably take a similar outlook as you do. But as it stands, this kind of practice is business as usual with Google.

It's apparently a default CrOS setting. I generally just set my sleep to disconnect from wifi and leave in sleep mode when closing the lid. I can set both screen and keyboard brightness, and it stays there until a reboot. turns out it was trying to download an update while I was using it. I went to setting and manually downloaded the update, waited until it was finished. Upon restart, I had the same issues and decided to do a Power wash.

To be fair, the majority of that post comes from the viewpoint of a Pixel book , which is set to run everything. Most newer ones might be able to do some of those things, but not all and cost as much as mid-range machines with a desktop OS. Then there's the new models that are hit and miss while being within the budget for the vast majority of consumers.

 I just never noticed because I never use the launcher, though my Chromebook is my daily driver. did a wallow all and I had to reinstall. I'm back on the stable branch, with the bug, It logs right into Google.  Thank you for the heads up.  Have you ever used Windows 10 ?  You know how the mouse cursor would become erratic.  That meant you might be infected well mine is.  it's not the mouse as it is brand new and I used it on another computer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chinese Smartphone VS Apple iPhone

For example, Chinese smartphone and iPhone in the charging and battery life. The iPhone only supported wireless charging and fast charging last year. Other Chinese brands of these products have already supported it ( Huawei, Oneplus, Xiaomi etc.. ).

Smartphone camera Huawei has occupied a dominant position, you can go to see the evaluation of major media, Huawei P20 Pro is basically a comprehensive beyond iPhone X.

But Apple is stronger than its iOS system. The experience of the smartphone is better than that of the Android system. Maybe this becomes a gap between the Android smartphone and Apple.

Huawei's smartphones is hot sale and hot reviews, but he is not as good as Apple's iPhone. successful in the screen, system hardware, etc., as well as the software ecosystem, Apple's single hardware device makes optimization even better. Apple has been leading the design trend of this generation of smartphones.

Xiaomi smartphones concept also determines that it can't exceed Apple's smartphones, because you can only make the price of 300 US dollars, in the Nextbuying on line store deal more Xiaomi, Oneplus smartphone, but always hot sale only 150 - 250 USD price range smartphone, uch as xiaomi redmi series, how to compare with Apple's, to make Apple's iPhone experience the same products, domestic manufacturers need more than Apple's cost Also high, iPhone is the most cost-effective product in high-end products, high-end cost-effective.

Of course, it's not that Xiaomi's products are not good. In many cases, Xiaomi brings value to his target users and mid-range price. This kind of value is to enjoy the pleasure of technology life at a very low price.

Xiaomi is good at making mid-to-low-end products. Huawei matures business people. Apple is doing is high-end smartphone, tablets and MAC computer with different target users.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Huawei Smartphone Real Reviews

Huawei smartphone start of the Ascend D series of engineering students to the now fashionable P series, Huawei smartphone have undergone several perfect transformations.

Including excellent cooperation with Leica camera, it can be said that Huawei's smartphone is the most successful example of high-end smartphone in China!

The characteristics of Huawei's smartphone are very obvious, that is, Leica takes photos. Huawei's photos are not simply simple to cooperate with Leica's OEM. China smartphone the year 2017-2018 more smartphone brand pay attention to the quality of smartphone photography, Add more AI algorithms such as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, you can know the best camera smartphone in Nextbuying top list. they have done a series of in-depth optimizations behind the scenes, and the experience is well-known.

However, Huawei has also displayed its weaknesses in screens and other aspects. Huawei executives also admitted that Hass processors cannot compete with the world's top processors, but they are always on the way.

I believe that in the near future, Huawei HiSilicon processor will gain the trust of users. As long as Huawei takes the screen problems, I think it can quickly surpass Samsung smartphone.

The Kirin processor is indeed regarded as the pride of Huawei. I support independent research and development, and also hope to see that the chip can surpass Qualcomm in the future. However, there is indeed a gap in the performance of the Kirin processor compared to Qualcomm.

The actual daily usage gap can indeed be Perceived, it is reflected in the Huawei smartphone using the HiSilicon Kirin processor in the entire department. Compared to the same smartphone using the Snapdragon processor ( brand xiaomi, oneplus ), the performance is indeed a major shortcoming.

What features of the smartphone make you think it's worth buying?

I have buy more smartphone, about the smartphone features will list it. other Huawei mate series emphasizes business, the general consumer groups have little sales, and the price is relatively high.

1. Apple iPhone X: The screen is good, the shoot picture is good, the camera is invincible, you can also edit the video, can give me a smartphone that creates value, it is worth five stars.

2. Samsung S9, good shoot pictures, good screen, good design, video editing, it is worth four and a half stars.

3. Samsung Note8, the screen is good, video editing is possible, and Samsung's rich Gear accessories are also available, worth four stars.

4. Huawei P20 pro, the Leica takes pictures and is worth three and a half stars.

5. OPPO R15 the screen is good, the texture is good, the optimization of the screen display is good, it is worth three and a half stars.

6. vivo X21 the screen is good, texture is good, it is worth three and a half stars.

7. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s, other post see this post, good workmanship, good texture, very worth three stars. In addition, if you can spend a very cheap price to buy a good second-hand iPhone7 and other smartphone, it is very worthwhile, always think that the most valuable thing is to buy a flagship point of slightly outdated, you will use the cool and valuable , For example, a good S8+ is quite worth it! 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Apple's smartphones VS China Smartphone

People who belittle Apple's smartphones do not really use Apple's products. For example, use Apple's smartphones tend to have a certain pursuit and attitude towards life. They are very particular about what they eat and wear, and they often like to take some life photos while Apple's photographs are taken. Obviously they can meet their needs, and Apple has obvious advantages in connecting high-end accessories such as Bluetooth audio, including car audio.

If your life is not enough for petty bourgeoisie, you may not really feel the goodness of Apple products ( iPhone, iPad, iMAC etc ). So, Apple products are intended for high-end users.

The China smartphone has been greatly improved compared to before, but it is still relatively superficial. For example, the china smartphone may improve the parameters obviously, and the value of color is also outstanding, but the actual experience can not keep up with the pace of the parameters. It is also blindly followed, there are always weaknesses, and the experience is still relatively unfriendly. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Samsung Note 8 VS Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone and New Oneplus 6

Galaxy Note 8 and Huawei P20 Pro people used are different. I have used these two smartphone for a long time.

Talk separately: Samsung Note8 is Samsung's flagship product, aimed at business people, compared to the Samsung S series ( S9 ) and Samsung Note Series ( Note 9 ) is not beautiful, the pen's experience is very good, the screen is also very good at the top, with his painting to write is still very good.

 If you don't use a pen, you really don't need to buy the Note series, just like my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pen didn't pull out more than 10 times. The system software ( Android UI ) Note is not as good as the S series in some aspects. It's okay to take pictures, but it is definitely not as good as the Huawei P20 pro smartphone.

Huawei P20 pro is a high-end model smartphone of Huawei P series, P series is the main fashion, so the back of the P20 pro is more beautiful than Samsung, positive not, directly by the Samsung second.

So Huawei's publicity is very good: buy a camera and send a smartphone. The Huawei P20 pro's three-shot camera should be known to everyone, and it's good to be outrageous and exceed everyone's expectations. If you care about taking pictures, P20 pro is definitely worth it.

Additional, Oneplus company May 17 release flagship smartphone the Oneplus 6, new phone use AMOLED 6.28-inchs display, use more flagship smartphone same SOC the Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm and 6GB / 8GB RAM. more spec going Oneplus official website or Nextbuying ( Nextbuying support shipping worldwide and running global Oxygen OS support OTA. )

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Just a Travel Feelings Note

Every time you travel abroad, you will feel that the service industry is a threshold profession. This visit to Australia is even more demanding, with a tone of attitude and a smile. It is also very much concerned with the use of feedback from guests. There will be no big difference in the attitude of serving different colors or people wearing clothes. The service itself is also very dignified and fun.

In the past two years, my values ​​have undergone great changes. I really think that earning money is a serious matter. I also agree with the simple and crude labeling of so-called class differences and high and low ranks. I also desperately want to escape from the limitations of judgment and control. However, it seems that it has fallen into a harder impasse. I feel that I only look good, I am a good figure, and I am considerate. Understanding and acceptance will only be appreciated if I like it.

The social environment and public opinion are always worrying about trafficking. They seem to be poor, ignorance and lack of effort are original sins, and the constant resources are stupid, quick money and miracles. Greed and fear motivated me to keep running. Sometimes I know that too much pressure or something I don't like, but I can only paralyze myself.

I want to calm down and do my business, such as my current startup company, and strive to do after-sales service work, develop new products and impress people's products and services.  Next, more outdoor products will be introduced, such as outdoor lighting, outdoor sporting goods, indoor lighting, kitchen lighting, etc. The growth is stable without off-season and high season, and electronic consumer goods such as smartphones will still be the point.

But in Australia's slow-paced town, the Gold Coast, or Adelaide, seeing that many people are present at this moment and only feel the moment, because there is not so much pressure, bus drivers can laugh and say hello to each passenger. Will tell us how to ride, how to brush the ticket.

It seems that life is another form. I just don't know if I already have a chance to choose, or when I have a chance to choose, I don't care about something.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Best camera smartphone

The year 2018 more smartphone company release good camera smartphone with AI features, such as Huawei P20 pro cooperation with Leica and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s dual camera, for professional shooting use professional cameras, and for amateur enough, one 8 well 12Mp ( dual camera, Telephoto and short-focus lenses) or at least 20Mp. 

Huawei here recently generally a triple camera made on the rear panel. And judging by the tests, the quality of the pictures is very good.  Yes, there will not be a decent, professional camera in Smart, it's simply not necessary, and those who sell a video camera and buy a smartphone are not professionals, they do not need it. I proceed from the fact that the concept of a professional is not necessarily a job bringing bread. It can be a hobby. But a professional hobby. And a person shooting on the camera in terms of a hobby will never sell a professional camera to a smartphone ( camera phone) .

Of course there are also those with smartphones, and there are even more of them. But this does not make the weather in terms of image quality or video. The difference is colossal. Print from the figures of smart shots and take a photo in the laboratory, let home-earth and sky. How do about the picture quality, the photo made professionally alive.

SLR camera a pair of lenses and an external flash light. like making photos on smartphone, as there is no detail, the necessary sharpness, noises come out, and slow auto focus and triggering kill all the desire to photograph children. + RAW and other buns. But the vast majority of people do not need all this. They have enough opportunities for smart to post in social media pictures from the last booze or his own physic on the background of attractions.

And just on the screen of the smartphone after clamping in socials and filters of Instagram what difference is there, what is it shot for. There are, of course, in the Professional Blog professional accounts with high-quality studio footage, but these are units on a general background.  I found the new gestures on P beta pretty cool, but they still need a lot of work. I made this mackup of how I think it would look better.

My Oneplus 5t smartphone pretty great. good shoot pic and battery seems to have improved.  all this after a bunch of social  media use, Youtube vids at 1080p, brightness at 40% and music streaming. Sure would like to get the rest of the Camera AI recognition pieces from the Huawei P20 Pro that were supposed to be pushed out to the Mate 10 Pro.

 I am anxious to see the OnePlus 6 ( Australia no Oneplus official sale, so i want check out from Nextbuying, that's coming out pretty soon I have been getting a lot of teasers from one plus . After being with Nexus from the very first one all the way to the first pixel phone.

The professional SLR camera from the ordinary smartphone player not only in the technique itself, but also in the ability to shoot, reflected light, work with the model,  in everyday life, the vast majority do not have the desire and time to score to themselves this head.

Friday, May 11, 2018

About New Notebook want Macbook or WinBook or Chromebook and Google new Pixelbook ?

This time i want get a notebook ( Macbook or WinBook or Chromebook and Google new Pixelbook ) about chrome system Each time I send a message it is like three clicks. Once to send. Once to dismiss the notification my message was sent.
And then another telling me it was sent as I have 10 second delay/undue on.  I cant believe anyone thinks that's a good idea. maybe there is a setting somewhere. But I looked through the settings twice and couldn't find it. If a setting is there and hard to find then that too is a crappy implementation.

 It may not be perfect, but it still works and in the bigger scheme of things, it's really not that big a deal. I'd still use it even if they don't fix it because it's better than the alternatives. Nothing in life will ever be perfect, nor will it please everybody. I bet there is at least one person out there who actually likes the new notifications.  It is unlikely that they are sane.

Doesnt fix Chromebook there are only one or two more fixes that could be applied by a store technician. You could replace standard SSDs and DRAMs, but that's about it. Has any Chromebook model gotten popular enough to justify training retail store staff on how to replace a screen or keyboard?  try send back the Chromebooks off for warranty work and the PC oriented shipping form ask for a password.  I never provide one and just write use guest access on the form.

 believe it's been there since day one. It has been on my Pixelbook and the xiaomi notebook air ( my friend get new intel 8th GEN 16GB RAM version mi notebook air from Nextbuying ). If you prefer a different app for notes, you can install something like Squid (for android) and use that instead. but the mi notebook only chinese win 10 system, so you need re-installed it again to english version.

 I want paid $1198 for mi notebook pro 15.6-inch 1080p IPS screen, 256 GB ssd and 16GB DDR RAM, keyboard and Wacom stylus included with a 1 year warranty.  The Chromebook X2 undoubtedly has a lower build quality, core m3 rather than m5, 4 GB RAM rather than 8 GB and a tiny 64 GB ssd for more money. 

USB-C charging is nice, but i want a touch screen. I had a macbook pro and it being a convertible was nice the performance of a notebook just isn't up to my standards. I got rid of the Asus and Acer the no like it the spec notebook and absolutely love the performance it has.

Was other than the notifications about each action which I needed to manually close. Couldn't find a setting for it. Got annoying. in the old version those notifications come up in a small panel at the top which did not block anything and went away on their own after a little bit. on the new one they come up at the bottom left, block what's behind and would not go away until I manually dismissed them.

About Pixelbook nothing yet, and from various views of how it looks/functions I will not be sticking it to my Pixelbook. It could be useful on a desk, but the last thing I want to do is ruin the aesthetic. my wife using in the past the Lenovo core i7 the 7the gen 16GB Ram too, great  Chromebook, but this one is the next level.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A HDMI HUB good device

For everyday use the gadgets the HDMI cables and mini digit, there is such a point that I have always insisted: more steps you need to use it each time, the easier it will be to eat it because it's too much trouble.

Some time get a TV boxs in the living room, total of four hdmi port. The diameter of the wiring hole in the wall is limited, and the four lines do not pass through.
Only one HDMI Cables, every time I changed device is to pull the cables. After watching TV and next want to play games, but also to climb down from the sofa to operate a wave of connection HDMI Cables, Before PS4 is too lazy to plug the cable so more than a month did not play. . . .

Then I searched the Google and found that hdmi hub is a good thing. I bought one test it, which one I want to play and switch directly by pressing the remote control. Like the USB hub, connect all devices to the hub and the hub to the TV.

Several ports correspond to several devices, and you can purchase them on demand. It should be noted that there is a remote control, and the convenience of the remote control will be discounted. Look at the evaluation of the transmission speed, stability, switching speed and other aspects. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Xiaomi Mi 6X AI Features Reviews

On April 25th, Xiaomi officially released Mi 6X ( Mi A2 ) a full-screen 16:9 smartphones Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AI engine phones, which has a lot of fun and useful AI features built-in, such as more cool AI scenes to take pictures, smarter voice assistant "XiaoAi" and more convenient AI image recognition, real-time exchange rate conversion and so on and AI smartphone sleep optimization.

About other mi 6x features about dual sony camera a 12MP and 20MP f/1.8 dual camera combination AI camera,  a 12MP primary camera with the Sony IMX486 sensor, 1.25μm pixels, and an f/1.75 aperture. The 20MP secondary camera has a Sony IMX376 sensor, 1.0μm pixels, and the same f/1.75 aperture. more Camera spec see this link mi 6x .

The post will reviews AI other features, What is the role of AI sleep optimization? In simple terms, you can help your phone adjust to the ultimate power saving state while you sleep.

How can a smartphone judge if you fall asleep?

Xiaomi Mi 6X's built-in AI neural engine will build a user model based on your mobile phone usage habits and predict sleep status. In addition, AI Sleep Optimization also calls several different dimensions of data information from multiple sensors to achieve more accurate predictions.

The light sensor is turned off at night.  the Ambient noise, is it quiet? and gyroscope acceleration, whether the mobile phone is stationary.

Of course, this alone is not enough, Xiaomi Mi 6X's AI neural engine will be fine-tuned according to the user's actual use habits for a long time, and then based on the actual information feedback of multiple sensors to learn, it can be said that the more accurate, more and more got you.

Xiaomi Mi 6X's AI sleep mode has been able to accurately determine sleep, how to save power in the end?

After Xiaomi mi 6X smartphone enters sleep mode, the MIUI system performs a deep background process to clean up some of the unnecessary backgrounds. Through precise background control, the power consumption of program background activities during sleep is avoided. 

Next, after entering sleep mode, the MIUI system will restrict data connection functions such as Bluetooth, GPS, data network, and WiFi, and strictly control the breathing light and notify the bright screen to achieve the ultimate power saving effect.

Smarter, AI Sleep Optimization learns deeply about your sleep habits. If you just get up and look at your phone in the middle of the night, Xiaomi Mi 6X smartphone won't exit sleep mode and will continue to help you save batttery life. And when you have something to do with continuous use of the phone, Xiaomi Mi 6X will automatically exit sleep mode.

Through more test, found AI sleep mode is turned on, the Xiaomi 6X consumption of the AI sleep mode is only 4% to 5% of the standby battey life consumption at night, while the smartphone without the AI sleep mode consumes 9% or more of the pure standby power for one night.

AI sleep mode can bring about a power saving effect of more than 50% in one night. You can finish power saving optimization when you are sleeping. This function seems inconspicuous, but it really brings users life. The benefit, of course, is to be reminded that this feature needs to be turned on in the smart scene saving option in the settings, after which everything is done naturally.

Interested buy the smartphone mi 6x 4GB and 6GB version in the price on Nextbuying this link. about Google play store gapps install Nextbuying will pre-install it. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Xiaomi mitu RC quadcopter Drone toys Reviews

About a Xiaomi mitu RC quadcopter mini Drone toys, control is naturally the focus. Instead of a remote controller, the mitu RC mini drone is controlled via a Wi-Fi direct connection to a smartphones, or it can be controlled using a third-party Bluetooth controller. When using a Wi-Fi connection, simply turn on the mitu drone first, then open the control APP of the mitu drone, and the APP will guide you through the Wi-Fi connection. There are few steps and the connection speed is fast.

Two ways to manipulate in flight. The first one is the virtual joystick control in the APP. The conventions support two kinds of joystick layouts, “American Hand” and “Japanese Hand”, and the joystick sensitivity is adjustable. Worthy of praise is that although it is a Wi-Fi connection and is a virtual joystick, there is almost no control delay, and any putter action can get the aircraft's timely response, in addition to the inability to perceive the exact amount of the rod, the RC mitu mini drone, The overall control experience is beyond my expectations.

The other is “gravity sensing”. The operation response of this method is also very timely, but the operation room needs to keep the screen of the smartphone up and keep the level. The posture is not particularly comfortable, so it is recommended that everyone play it.

As Xiaomi mitu RC mini drone toys with only a palm, GPS certainly does not exist, but mitu mini drone also stuffed with acoustic sensors, optical flow sensors (usually called visual positioning) two auxiliary positioning devices and barometer, "hanging The "stop" performance is also very bright. But it needs to be reminded that the whole weight of the mitu mini drone only 88g, the hollow cup motor power is small, so the wind resistance capacity is basically zero, and special attention should be paid when playing outdoor.

The camera of the mitu mini drone has about 2.0 million pixels and can shoot 1600 x 1200 resolution pictures, picture transmission screen is enough to identify the surrounding environment.

As a toys, mitu mini drone add a "one-click somersault" skills, as well as "infrared battle" play, like the air CS. Infrared transmitters are located under the camera, and there is an infrared receiver on the front and back of the fuselage. However, because there is only one hand on the camera, there is no way to perform "real combat". However, according to experience, I have reservations about the "infrared battle", mainly due to the control of RC Quadcopter mini Drone still have a certain threshold, and really want to control the the mitu mini drone for air battle may need more batteries, after all The battery life is actually 7-8 minutes.

I think the MITU RC drone is interesting product. For the enlightened children's curiosity, or to help zero-based adults to know the RC Quadcopter Drone. the price on Nextbuying only $80 USD

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Xiaomi Mi 6X Smartphone

Xiaomi release new x series smartphone model xiaomi mi 6x, new phone back real dual camera 20.0MP + 12.0MP, SOC pack a powerful Snapdragon 660 the RAM select 4GB and 6GB, storage support 64GB and 128GB.

Full screen 5.99 inch (diagonal) 18:9 custom ratio, 2160x1080 FHD, 403 PPI, 1500:1 contrast ratio, Support sun screen, luminous screen, eye protection mode, color temperature adjustment, standard mode.

3010mAh(typ)/ 2910mAh (min), Support QC3.0 fast charge, USB Type-C. the highlights camera support AI bokeh, AI scene recognition, AI Smart Beauty 4.0
Class 12 AI Self-portrait Scene Camera*, Front Auto HDR
4500K soft light, Self-timer countdown, Facial recognition function, Magic mirror function, 1080P video call real-time beauty
- Front 20MP, SONY IMX376, 4 in 1 2.0um large pixels
- Rear 12MP, SONY IMX486, 1.25um large pixels, f/1.75 large aperture
- Rear 20MP, SONY IMX376, 4-in-1 2.0um large pixels, f/1.75 large aperture

Interested in the price on Nextbuying and more color select
Red Flame Red, Glacier Blue,Cherry blossom powder, Sand gold, Black stone.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Smartphone processor SOC and Android system reviews

This has been part of my flow for a while now and works pretty well. I'm curious to see what the optimizations for device smartphone actually are. manage stuff on my notebook air brand xiaomi just like I do on my tablet. Which is great because that's where all my data is and the Windows 10 chinese version update to English OS.

System can only see the area. Particularly nice because Solid Explorer is also how I interact with SMB and FTP on Android things. Catch 22 of course is the OS Files app is the only thing that can access USB and SD drives. Although I've heard that's being fixed, and someday reaching Stable.

Have not seen either working, but the video block was something that I was really looking forward to one best, Then I had to edit the tables under the stock firmware and after that everything was established. Specifically, the name of the software can not remember. Two programs. One edits the tables, the second pours the firmware. as well as all the necessary software.

I have a android player, and I need to find the location of the sounds of the Android OS itself, There is miss MP3 file. Are you generally sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for? There is a guess that can be stored in the form or in a digestible format for the android.

About android phones i would wait until the new one comes out if possible. pixel2, gorilla glass5 screen ?  My phone has seen cold temperatures in winter, but not recently.  My phone appears to have been impacted, this area is where my thumb would press pulling phone out of pocket. Cheaper Pixel 2 or next update oneplus 6 or xiaomi mi 7 by then or the new one might be worth getting, i will follow Nextbuying tweet info. maybe coming soon.

Well in addition to a better camera you also have a performance improvement. More than anything else it is a matter of choice. Do you want to spend money just to get a decent camera? Well we talk about 2 good SOC ( Qualcomm SQ 845 ? or mid range price SQ 660 ?) 

But different, a much more performing but used moderately well or badly brings you in the evening. The other good but, in my opinion, it saves battery but performance and far away. if you want more performance. change devices the xiaomi mi mix 2s maybe best 845 processor SOC.

Which is essential if you want to use the device as the main smartphone after the first 2 years of official support of the manufacturer ? there are no practical differences between a top range and a phone with a Snapdragon 6xx ( 625, 630, 660 etc.. ) series CPU.