Friday, July 1, 2016

Got the new Xiaomi mi band 2

Got the new Xiaomi mi band 2, have a fascinating review. Disappointing to read how awful apps notifications are, was hoping this would be a great feature, and I was looking forward to getting this feature when I buy it.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2, analysis, and user experience - A waterproof bracelet activity, heart rate meter, screen and battery autonomy 20 days above is cheap, you can ask for more? Does xiaomi smart watches comes with API, will be good if SDK are included, so I can use to develop on external applications?

I have made several purchases of Nextbuying the average is 15 days from the order, I prefer to ship via singpost international and free shipping. Today I looked on the website and said they have postponed to July 10.

Original price is different. That's why i said. these people are making money with duplicates maybe. i've bought the wife the top of line fitbit and my initial thoughts this is better and third of price

If successful products it has always been a problem for manufacturers that the next product, to be quite new, the old motivation for users to switch. Are you sure you're not just thinking about that. I'm thinking hard, whether it is worth me the number of steps you display to replace the present one.

Works way more better, then my old MiBand 1s , Mi Band 2 you wanna try your product, counting steps, a physical button, just a touch interface, e.g. it does not work with gloves. but it will probably mean that with the new firmware only one app would be able to communicate with mi band so in this case it would be Mi Band Tools and not the official Mi Fit app..

Basically it seems more and more that Xiaomi wants the Mi Band as a closed product, ideally no integrations no third parties.. They don't care about the sales as they earn nothing on the device but they want you to send data to their proprietary Mi Fit system ??

Vibrates when someone writes me trackt sleep and exercise ... you can also be awakened by vibrate. The button is a touch button and when I raise my hand goes to the screen and I see the time. Only the Mi Fit app is relatively poor and loses sometimes like to have some data.