Thursday, April 23, 2015

Xiaomi Piston 3 New Earphones 3rd Generation Edition

April Xiaomi technology release new piston series earphone "xiaomi piston 3" new earphones color black more technological sense Won Reddot Award 2015 in Germany Metal Composite Technology for Diaphragm Better Balance Damping System (3rd Generation).

Featured in New Xiaomi Piston 3.0 Headset ():

  • Won in Germany Reddot Award 2015
  • Composite Technology Metal Diaphragm
  • Better balance damping system (Third Generation)
  • "Spiral Pipe" House of Sound, performance tuning bass
  • Professional More Tuning Mode with super fine and sophisticated design
  • Support Xiaomi devices and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPod and iPad
  • Brushed aluminum and anodized corrosion resistance and not easily fade in color
  • Free Gift Packaging with 3 pairs of silicon quality earcaps
What update for piston 3 ? and vs piston 2?  Piston 3 No shirt clip is included in the box.

XS, S and L eartips included. M sized is already on the earphone itself. ( Pistons 2.1 included S, M and L)
Earphone design:
The earphones have been completely redesigned. Gone are the piston like full aluminum frame. Instead we now have a "Spiral" design where the tip points towards the ear (see photo for more info). This is done to improve the comfort of the earphones. The body of the earphones is plastic and with an aluminium backing. The back vent is now large circular vent.
Driver (diaphram) Design:
Xiaomi 3.0 pistons now employ a "sandwiched" driver design, where a titanium alloyed diaphram is stuck between two PET membranes. Xiaomi claims this to the be only IEM with this type of sandwiched design. This rather unique design is implemented to drastically improve sound quality in base, mid and high sound ranges. In addition, this design improves the sound balance.

The remote supports android smartphones and has partial support for iOS device ( iPhone , iPad, iPod ). on android all 3 buttons work and can control the volume. On iOS only the middle Stop/ play button works. remote is positioned on the cable for the right earphone, around 2 inches below the earphone itself. 

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