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Sunday, June 29, 2014

PIPO T9 And PIPO P1 Tablet PC

Need an opinion Is now a good time to buy PIPO T9 tablet? If you want to wait, there is a rumoured t9 (8.9") tablet coming this fall around the same time as Android 4.4.3. if not the PIPO t9 and pipo p1 is a great tablet and runs amazingly well.

PIPO t9 ( link $278.98 ) with a MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor 1.7GHz / GPU Mali 450 MP4 built 2GB of RAM 32GB . 8.9" inch FHD PLS screen 1920*1200 px 1080p 10 points touch, 3D Game Support, USB Support OTG.
front is 2.0 megapixels, back is 13 megapixels with a flashlight

features such as WiFi and support GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 2100 built in Bluetooth 4.0 high speed data transmission and GPS module, fast WiFi support 802.11 b/g/n max to 300MB wireless networks and support 3G ( built in ) connection network and call phone anywhere.

PIPO p1 ( link $295.98 ) 9.7 inch retina screen android 4.4, 2/32GB,quad-core, rockchip RK3288 quad core cortex-A17 1.8GHz , the GPU Mali-T764.

9.7 inch retina screen 2048 x 1536px full lamination, 4K(4096 x 2160 px),support BlueRay 3D video, stability, speed, games, video playback, audio playback and much more. also find the Google Play comes pre-installed on. 

Built 3G module: WCDMA/HSPA: 900/2100MHz (Data Only)  
Battery 10000MAh

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Smartphones buenos precios de Chino

Smartphones buenos precios de Chino
El mes críticas calientes del OnePlus uno Smartphones, la nueva compañía de China y la especificación es alto, pero el precio sólo Samsung y LG de la mitad del precio, muy conocido blog de tecnología han publicar la información del teléfono y el revisor técnico de Youtube @Marques Brownlee sólo compartida sus mejores 5 OnePlus One. Cuidado con su tutorial.
Otra parte muy importante de proporcionar un gran teléfono también está prestando un gran servicio al cliente y el buen precio, a ver qué temas a desarrollar y cómo se trata.

Los nuevos dispositivos que salen a finales de este año pueden tener un hardware un poco más potente. pero lo bien que va el software que está utilizando el trabajo con él. Creo que la gente se olvida de que android 4.4.2 fue hecho específicamente para el hardware que está utilizando en este teléfono, que es un reparto más grande que cualquier otra cosa tal vez ...

Alegría de comprar tecnología fresca está comprando fresco. Un modelo de pre-venta le habría dicho exactamente cuánta demanda hay para el dispositivo de este un teléfono de Xiaomi en el paso fin china .. por lo que este teléfono rápidamente y ponerla a disposición de todo el mundo de lo contrario perderán el próximo teléfono Nexus estará disponible en breve tal vez ..

usuario en las redes sociales se alaban a la información que el precio es bajo, las especificaciones son altos. Personalmente me encuentro en una posición en la que necesito un teléfono nuevo. por el dinero que el teléfono será la elección perfecta ..

Así que la china smartphones venta caliente en todo el mundo así que lo que China teléfono de la marca que se ve, a lo mejor del Huawei y Xiaomi del etc, el es un lugar fresco aparatos revenden base de sitios en Shenzhen, China, se puede ver un poco de Chino de la venta caliente de la marca en los sitios de ver el enlace de la categoría smartphones aquí ..

Pero si usted todavía está buscando para Android para estar mejor para usted entonces iPhone entonces usted podría querer seguir adelante y cambiar ahora ....

Friday, June 21, 2013

Android Device VS iOS Device

I have both tablets, and they are both better for different things. I primarily use my N7 because the form factor is perfect for reading and I can play emulators and stuff without having to hack it. Also, it is nice to be able to copy files back and forth from it without using some goofy client like iTunes. The iPad is better for kids because it has a physical home button that is more difficult to hit by mistake. 

iPhone friend got herself an ipad mini, she says it's bigger & better than my nexus. She's coming over soon to show it to me so this screen is for her..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flytouch 2 Android Tablet PC etc Update ROM

The link that davidmonas posted is the right one but it has a lot of things.

What you have to do is:

1) Get a cable to connect the tablet to the pc.

2) go here and get the last firmware --------- or  www

3) Get the burntool here -----------

4) Extract both of them

4) Turn off you tablet.

5) Connect the table to the pc with the cable

6) Hold the Menu button + Power button for 5 seconds

7) In windows it will pop up a message saying that a new device has been detected and the it will say that it was impossible to find drivers to connect the device.
 Go to your Control panel --> Device manager. Change to classic view to find the Device manager
 It will show some unreconized hardware with a yellow mark. Rigth click on that-----> update Driver
The in the new window that popups you choose Install from a list or a specific location ----> Dont search i will choose the driver to install --> Have a disk ---> then browse to the place where you extracted the burntool ---> choose the file named  "secbulk.inf" and confirm. Then just do next-next-next till the end

8 ) go to the place where you extracted the burn tool and open the file name burntool_v07.5

9) in the burntool you should see the device10  bar at green if the device is correctly connected to the pc

Sunday, December 12, 2010

7 inch Google Android Tablet PC 3G E-Book

Not sure which books to bring on your trip? With the Google eBook reader, you will never have to make that choice again.This Google Android 7" touch screen colour eBook reader is very easy to use and have all the features you have been waiting for! Fast web surfing, email, easy touch screen, listen to your favorite music, movies, Google android app market and more! You can add a micro TF card and download anything you want use this Google book reader! You can use this specific eBook reader Android every single day. The Android eBook reader is lightweight, has tons of features, fast and easy to use! This Android eBook reader comes with the most updated and most compatible for the device. It has 2GB local storage to handle multiple apps. You may use the Android eBook reader vertically or horizontally and it is perfect for viewing movies, reading e-books, listening to music, etc. Usage time is about 3-5 hours depending on type of usage.  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Android tablet V7V

7.0 inch 800 x 480 resolution LED TFT LCD screen, simple appearance,
only 14 mm slim, gently tap the icon into the program,
V7v also has more than the mouse wheel was smooth and multidimensional
control trackball (Track Ball),
Android 2.1 Built in  8GB memory
Storage: Build-in 4GB-16GB, TF card extendable 1GB-16GB
OTG Function(support 32 GB disk)
G-sensor gravity sensingt
Optional external 3G module dongle CDMA2000 1xEV-DO & WCDMA.

 Video: support 1280*720P, RM,RMVB,AVI(H.264/H.263),MOV,
Audio: support MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, AAC, OGG,etc,
Software: Google browser, Google map, Gmail, Skype, MSN,etc.
Android Tablet V7V >>

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Google launched its own tablet PC this year ??

Google, according to a document submitted to the court shows, Google launched its own tablet PC this year, the plan still variable, it may not launch this year launched "Speedbook" Tablet PC product.Earlier this year, Google filed Speedbook trademark. In this regard, in the United States Portland, Oregon University Network Corporation (CollegeNET) on matters related to Google applications Speedbook trademark litigation. University network company that allows Google to use Speedbook mark is, will their schedule (scheduling) software used Speedbook a conflict. University Network Company believes that, Google could launch next month of the same name Speedbook products.However, Google is also the company's complaint against the university network to respond, said they had not planned to be introduced this year Speedbook products.Google trademark application Speedbook industry initiatives also led to many suspicions that Google will launch the industry have their own Tablet PC.