Friday, August 10, 2018

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Global Version

Nextbuying update mi max 3 sku support installed global rom version ( global miui no other Chinese apps and installed google play etc. first blog have list spec for mi max 3 with processor and screen, camera.

Full-screen big screen and how to play without power-down properties is really cool, in fact, max 3 can really make a max 3 pro, snapdragon 710, 6+128, the screen with the Huawei honor note 8 and then the whole machine thinner, continue to the big screen and the power as Selling point, plus audio and video attributes. 

Huawei have release new big screen phones the huawei honor note 10, 6.9-inch full hd screen 970 octa-core processor + 6GB RAM. more spec see Nextbuying, highlight the phone built in NFC.