Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oneplus 5 8GB 128GB Australia Reviews

Oneplus company release 2017 new flagship Oneplus 5 love 8GB 128GB Version, in Australia do you foresee any noticeable performance advantage of the 8GB 128GB model over the 6GB model? I would consider it for the high storage but just wondering if it will offer superior performance in the next year or so.

Ordered the 128GB OnePlus 5 from before I realized that it was available to ship immediately. DHL shipping Australia sydney only 3 day :)

It has more capacity battery, it has 8gb ram, more powerful and more efficient cpu.
Has 16 and two 20mp cameras while iphone has 7 and 12mp.
It can charge very very fast vs slow iphone...
It has NFC, and 3.5mm jack!
It has crispier ,richer AMOLED DISPLAY while iphone still uses LCD...
It has faster fingerprint scanner

It has latest and greatest chips (snapdragon 835), which bring new generation bluetooth 5. Bluetooth 5.0 is twice faster and can connect 2 devices simultaneously!
And more powerful Graphic card.

love it. It feels really smooth and the finger print scan is much more excellent compare to samsung galaxy s8plus and iphone 7 is just some software bugs that I cant not compose text to contacts that was transfered from Iphone 7 plus. In addition, when I connected op5 to car's bluetooth the volume is really low. I guess those are common errors of androids. Other than that this is a fantastic phone.

 I live in Sydney and I'm still confused as to how I can actually get my hands on a best oneplus smartphones.  Dual camera design features both a 16-megapixel Sony sensor and a 20-megapixel Sony telephoto camera that enables a bokeh-tastic portrait mode.

OnePlus claims its new setup is highest resolution dual camera system available on any smartphone.. You also get up to 8-gigabytes of RAM and 128-gigabytes of storage with a OnePlus 5.

Screen display is gorgeous. The ceramic fingerprint sensor on the front is terrifically fast. The 3,300mAh battery life can drink up a day's dash charge in 30 minutes. It's a really nice phone!