Thursday, March 17, 2016

Xiaomi Mi5 VS Samsung Galaxy S7

Xiaomi new release a xiaomi mi 5 and xiaomi mi5 pro smartphones, device with the Snapdragon 820 then go back to the Note 5 and you will think differently, should I be worried about screen burn in with the Galaxy s7? I use my phone a lot for messaging and that really pulls me of buying it.The Xiaomi Mi5 a 5.15 inch Full HD 1080p display with a 16 LED light backlight technology which gives a brighter picture.

I preordered the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro today on, it's strikingly similar to the previous gen Xiaomi new mi 5 devices, but I do like the recessed camera hump and the curved edges on the back. Those two improvements will help a ton with holding the phone, if there were a Pure version of Android, with only some features i think i'd be in love with the Mi5 pro 4GB/128GB.

Put the price aside, I'd go for S7. But Xiaomi's pricing is too aggressive so that you have to stop for a while and think, for the Galaxy S7. Samsung is a brand people seem to feel more comfortable with, plus TouchWiz is still better than LG's UI. The G5 is a good phone, new concepts, etc.. But the new features need time to mature, one thing Samsung has done better in comparison to LG.

LG and Samsung sell their flagships, I Know that I will find S7 and G5 in all the stores in not more then 2 months after the world launch. I will probably never see the color of the Mi5. but this price and same samsung s7 SPEC , so i will get the xiaomi mi5.

Samsung and LG phones, the bootloader is only locked if the carrier locks it. Which means if you buy a carrier unlocked phone straight from the manufacturer, the bootloader will most likely be unlocked. have an edge plus and it's almost perfect,  the one thing that stock will always have over it is fast updates, but depending on the user it might not be such a big deal.

Somemore people has voted Samsung because has more design than other devices, The xiaomi is cheaper than Samsung s7 and has great performance at gaming. I suggest you to not spend a lot of money to the s7, because the xiaomi has approximately the same performance. the Xiaomi Mi 5, If not then you could try to see if someone would ship that to you on reasonable price. That phone is a beast for the price.

In my Xiaomi Mi4c one has still decided strictly against NFC and per infrared. The latest rumors put NFC into play. I'm really excited about the Mi5. 5.0 - 5.5 inch screen are for me actually perfect, with 5,15 inch Screen I could arrange however. I'm really looking forward to the official launch.

With 64 gb I could overlook a possible lack of SD card slot. But what is very important for me is the LTE band 20, NFC and IR diode. Otherwise for the price really interesting. I just spent a little time with the S7 and S7 edge. I am so impressed. I would definitely consider the edge because I prefer the larger screen,

I didn't know Apple had a 2k display, 3gb ram, and 20.7 mp camera. I totally see where they are copying Apple ? but in the world all Android phones SPEC all high to iphone 6 and iPhone 6s..

I have used mi4 for two years and oneplus device for an year. Xiaomi is known for their slow upgrades. I ve been a beta tester in miui forums and all. Slow upgrade in os is okay, then go for mi5. I am tying with normal Google keyboard.

The Xiaomi mi 5 is actually pretty amazing. Of course, no phone is perfect but this is close. The Mi5 128gb 4gbram is stunning, We all know you are going to like the edge more this time. How about we keep the S7 back in the box and Butter Xiaomi to send you a Mi5 so you can use that side by side with the s7 edge and give us the verdict on it.