Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Xiaomi Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum 2 cleaner SECOND-GEN

Xiaomi Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum 2 cleaner SECOND-GEN looks good . Premium features best price. more good user comments. some people say only defect is can't climb a carpet that is too thick ? about price tag $499 + DHL shipping cost $70 on Nextbuying. 

Xiaomi ecosystem brand roborock s50 robot vacuum 2 ( xiaomi mi robot vacuum 2 ) model that improves the performance of the first of these robots of Xiaomi, and that stands out for several new features. For example, the inclusion of a mop. mopa function and great capacity 2,000 Pa, although the capacity of the battery remains in two and a half hours of use, having ability to clean house of 250 square meters.

List Xiaomi Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum SPEC Information :
TYPE : Vacuum Cleaner 2 ( Roborock Sweep One )

Color: White

Function: Smart Suction, Vacuum Cleaner and mopping function

Self Recharging: Yes

Suction (pa): 2000pa

Working Time: 2.5 H

Battery  14.4V / 5200mAh lithium battery

Wireless connection Wi-Fi smart fast

Dimensions: 136.5 x 130 x 98 mm

Rated power: 58W

Rated input: 100 - 240V ~

Rated output: 20V1.8A

Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz

Suction Rating: 2000 Pa

Dust Bin: 0.42L

Shape: Circle

Battery: 2.5 hours

Schedule Cleaning: Yes

Mopping Function : Yes

Recharge & Resume: Yes

Cliff Sensor: Yes

App Control: Mi Home app

Dimension and Weight

Product weight: 3.8000 kg

Package weight: 6.6500 kg

Package weight : 353 x 350 x 96.5 mm

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Yeelight Smart Light Strip

Xmas at your home set light strip, the xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip is good select, It is basically a flexible strip that can be stick to any corners in your home, illuminating the region with different colors. With WiFi connection, you can choose from 16 million colors and have special control on your smartphone.

Yeelight Smart Light Strip

DIY Ambient Lighting 16 million colors feast. Set the right ambience for any moment. Set the mood, change the ambience, feel different, feel better
Bendable, Adhesive and Cuttable
Just tear down the adhesive tape on the back of the light strip, stick it to anywhere you want, plug the charger and turn on the light

Plug and Play : Bend, shape, and fix your Yeelight Smart Light Strip to highlight features in your room and create completely new indirect light effects

One Key Operation : Slightly touch to turn it on or off, long press to change colors. Get the Yeelight Smart Light Strip and enjoy colorful life

Add Some Music : It comes to make the lights dance in sync with the music. Download Yeelight Smart Light Strip App and start your magical journey

Wireless Connection : Build your personal wireless lighting system. Yeelight Smart Light Strip can link with a variety of Mi Smart Home devices to get wonderful experience

Fine Workmanship : Made of mercury-free soft PU material, high light transmittance and oxidation resistance

Have more fun: 16 million colors / brightness adjustment / one key operation / intelligent scenes / timer function / delay switch / App control / firmware upgrade

You can turn on / off the light and adjust the color temperature freely with the App control

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Xiaomi Mijia Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat

Xiaomi ecosystem company xiaomi mijia smartmi Smart Toilet Seat made in china UV Sterilization IPX4 Waterproof Electric Bidet Cover Dual Self-cleaning Nozzle Intelligent Toilet Lid.

Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat Mijia UV Sterilization IPX4 Waterproof Electric Bidet Cover, Dual Self-cleaning Nozzle Intelligent Toilet Lid electronic bidet for you or your family to wash the anus and genital easily. Multifunctional as it, you can find more surprise usage to keep your life hygienic and healthy.

Instant Hot Constant Water Temperature Once start washing, fresh water source is heated to constant temperature and remained constant state for a longtime wash to save energy

Hygienic fresh water, prevent from bacteria breeding More energy-saving than thermal storage type, After longtime washing, water temperature is still unchanging

Comfortable Feminine Cleaning With one nozzle on the side rim for cleaning the anus and genital areas, helping female to clean their vulva easily and keep healthy even in the menstruation period

4-grade Adjustable Water Temp. Pressure Seat Temp,  Easy to customize your optimum water temperature, seat temperature and washing pressure, As you sit down, the inserted sensor senses the user sitting on the toilet seat and automatically turn down the temperature, avoiding from burning your skin

Cold-hot Massage Washing Function Cold water and hot water massages your body by turns to relax your skin and improve partial blood circulation

Hip Wash Back and Forth Press the "Hip Wash" button again, the nozzle will move back and forth constantly to expand the washing area, improving the cleaning effect

Standard External PP Cotton Filter Coming with a PP cotton filter, it effectively filters out more than 20 microns of impurities such as sand, dirt, rust and worms, providing more hygienic washing water than bathing

Dual-self-cleaning Nozzle / UV Sterilization Before washing, the ringlike flow will clean the nozzle thoroughly with UV light automatically killing the bacteria on the nozzle when the user is away from the toilet seat

LED nightlight illumination Convenient for night use, without disturbing your family

Full body IPX4 waterproof Splash-proof in full range, safe and reliable for daily use

Seat cover slowly down Prevent the seat ring falling down quickly with a harsh sound

Safety protection In emergency of electrical leakage, the plug will auto shutdown

- Voltage rating: 220V, 50Hz

- Power rating: 1340W

- Max power: 1500W

- Heating type: instant hot

- Water supply temperature: 4 - 40 Deg.C

- Water pressure range: 0.08 - 0.75MPa

- Waterproof rating: IPX4

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Huawei AP81 SuperCharge Fast Charger

New Huawei Fast Charger device Huawei AP81 SuperCharge Fast Charger  Output voltage 4.5V5A or 5V4.5A or 5V2A Output power Max 22.5W.

Original Huawei Super Charge AP81 5A Fast Charger with Type-C Cable for HUAWEI Mate 10, Mate 10 pro, P10, P10 Plus, Mate 9, Mate 9 pro, Mate 9 Porsche Design

Output voltage 4.5V5A or 5V4.5A or 5V2A
Output power Max 22.5W
Output constant / current limit 5A @ 3.4 ~ 5V, 4.5A @ 5 ~ 5.5V

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Xiaomi Insulation Cup 500ml

Xiaomi ecosystem mijia new Xiaomi Insulation Cup 500ml Xiaomi MiJia Insulation Cup 500ml Thermos 316L Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup

-High quality 316L 304 stainless steel material.

-Advanced and elegant appearance.

- keep the temperature up to 12 hours !

- Give you warm in the cold winter! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Amazfit Pace 2 Sport Smartwatch December 12 Release

New Xiaomi amazfit pace 2 release December 12, new sport watch support Waterproof (50-meter WR). 

Nextbuying update online new sport watch amazfit pace 2 spec Nextbuying amazfit pace 2 link status out of stock. 

Amazfit Pace 2 Sports Smart Watch With a built-in GPS, Waterproof (50-meter WR) Outdoor Smartwatch, heart rate monitor, and a beautiful touchscreen display, is the Amazfit PACE 2 the perfect fitness tracker and smartwatch. 

- capacitive touch screen Corning Gorilla glass material, high quality. Reflective display technology The dial is always bright without black screen. Uses reflective display technology, the dial brightness will auto adjust according to the environment, gives you better and more clear eye experience.

- Amazfit Sportwatch 2 with a hand-polished ceramic frame

- Track running distance, time, pace, heart rate, calories, speed, cadence, pace, altitude, and elevation gain/loss.

- Bluetooth Music , Phone-free music: connect wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds and enjoy music and media with the Internal storage for unencumbered phone-free running.

- GPS Real-time Track Receive GPS signal, record your trail, distance, altitude, speed, and other sports data, so that analyze and improve sports level for you

- Notifications receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, emails and other apps. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Xiaomi Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Humidifier Smart Music

Xiaomi mijia youpin platform online a ecosystem brand Xiaomi Viomi Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Humidifier, making your home smell better with advanced ultrasonic vaporizing diffusion technology. The humidifier function adds moisture to the air to help you sleep better, cough less and alleviate dry sinuses. Let it accompany you to read, do yoga, or sleep. 

Aroma soothe the nerves, reduce dust, eliminate the smell. Aromatherapy machine out of the fog is exquisite, effective form annular spray out of the fog effect.
Vibration frequency is 1.7 million times per second, producing homogeneous mist, avoid water condenses, not wet around objects, leaving a warm and comfortable environment.

Aromatherapy machine contains 200ml water tank, adding the essential oil can continue to fog 6 hours, you can also choose intermittent fog mode, it can fog 12 hours. There are three timing gear can be set. ( 1h, 3h, 5h )

4 color gradient, choose your favorite color. You can lock the favorite light color, used as a night light.  Water shortage will automatically power off, tilt will automatically shut down.

Aromatherapy machine adopts mute design, voice within 30 decibel. Music version of aromatherapy machine has music features, Bluetooth connection.

Rated voltage:100-220v
Rated power:12w
Water tank capacity:200ML
Music function:Yes
Supports timing function:support
Whether support water power:support
Spray market: continuous out of the fog 6 hours, intermittent fog 12 hours
Product lighting: 4-color gradient breathing ambient light
Ultrasound frequency: 2.4mhz
Timing mode: 1/3/5 hours
Product Size: 150mm * 143mm * 150mm 

Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop

xiaomi ecosystem Mijia SWDK Handheld Electric Mop Wireless Electric Floor Mop Machine High-frequency reciprocating sliding The powerful motor delivers high-efficiency and thorough cleaning and the mopping frequency is up to 1000 times/min.

Compact design with LED light The right-angle design fits the corner streamline, and the LED light illuminates the dirt and stains.

One-hand operation with long grip One key operation, easy to open and spray, no need to stop during operation.

Flexible rotation, mopping without dead corner The grip connects with the host by cardan joint method, so it can rotate from all angles.

Powerful mopping pad, tackle multiple stains The high-quality mopping pad with terry can tackle all kinds of stains without shedding or damaging.

Three kinds of mopping pads for different user preferences Normal durable mopping pad: spiral hard fiber can clean the dirt, soft fiber can absorb water. The two kinds of fibers are in opposite arrangement, which can tackle the stubborn stains easily.

Durable terry mopping pad: with terry edge, it can absorb hairs by electrostatic principle. Disposable environmentally friendly mopping pad: adopting the degradable material, it features the great cleaning capacity without pollution.

With the power indicator and built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery 3 power indicators display the 100 percent, 65 percent, and 30 percent respectively. 2000mAh large battery capacity, it can use 50min continuously on a full charge, which can clean the 100 square meters room 3 - 4 times.

Upright placement, automatic shut off Push up the grip to upright state, the host will lock automatically, safe and energy-saving.

Water inlet and step-on mark design Use the included measuring cup to add water, and the 0.5mm hole ensures even spray. Step on the mark to lift the machine, then you can replace the mopping pad.

Power LED Indicator Three LED lights respectively indicate 100 percent, 65 percent and 30 percent of the power. When three lights are flashing at the same time, it means the power is about to run out, please charge it in time.
- 3 LED indicators lights-up with 100 percent full power
- 2 LED indicators lights-up with 65 percent of power
- 1 LED indicator lights-up with 30 percent of power
- 3 LED indicators flashing with low battery

First Charge Pull out the rubber cover until the charge port is fully exposed to fit in the power adapter.
Note: please use the original Xiaomi adapter for the safety of you and the robot.

- Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion battery

- Voltage rating: DC 12V

- Power rating: less than or equal to 35W

- Adapter output: DC 12.6V 1A

- Charging time: 3h

- Main body size: 30 x 27 x 5cm

- Main body weight: 2.156kg

- Package size: 48 x 16.5 x 40cm

- Package weight: 4.160kg

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