Saturday, September 8, 2018

The weekend tech news reviews 20180908

The VIVO X23 is very slim, It uses a streamlined screen side design of the “chord-moon arc”, and it is worth mentioning that the X23 screen is a popular long screen with a screen ratio of 19.5:9.  Very shocking! Vivo X23 use the fourth generation of on-screen photoelectric fingerprints. From the experience point of view, vivo maintains an absolute lead in the fingerprint technology of the screen, and the unlocking speed is as high as 0.35 seconds. The X23 features a "super wide angle" on the camera, which allows you to shoot more scenes in the camera and let you discover more beauty.

PICO 2 VR built-in 3K (2880×1600) resolution display, Qualcomm 835 processor, ultra-light body design of curved rear battery, is the most comfortable and strongest VR glasses at present! You can also seamlessly connect with your mobile phone, and play games to watch the big views!

VR glasses now have VR helmets and VR all-in-ones that can be used in conjunction with mobile phones. If you have moto Z, Pixel2XL, it is recommended to buy google's daydream directly. It only takes about $100 to achieve the effect of one VR. Samsung's gear VR US version is super great if you use the occulus platform to turn over the wall, but as long as you plug in the phone card, it completely shields the Oculus platform, so it is a waste in the country, you can see xiaomi and facebook Oculus the xiaomi VR . It is recommended to directly enter the occulus machine is absolutely excellent, the premise is that you must overturn the wall . Then the HTC vive focus all-in-one is basically the best entry-level one.

The full-screen smartphone is the trend that Apple is leading.  Apple’s smartphone screen will be longer, from 16:9 to 18:9. Now 18:9 is standard, there will even be 36:9 (more than 4:1 screen) in the future. From the experience, this is Meaning, because the grip is mainly the horizontal distance, the mobile phone has little effect on the grip when the lateral distance is constant, but can increase the output of the information.

As the forehead and chin are reduced, the front no-function area is completely replaced by the screen display, enhancing the visual experience and displaying more content. However, full-screen mobile phones also have many shortcomings, such as the adaptation of video games, full-screen gesture operations are still immature, the security and convenience of related unlocking and the design problems of front-facing cameras are mainly caused by immature related technologies. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

HDMI Cables and HDMI cable to TV

HDMI Cables and HDMI cable to TV, the TV is 4K, but does not support HDR. There are only three HDMI 1.4 interfaces. Does it mean that I can't play games with 4k resolution? USB Type C video output does not support HDMI. All Type C to HDMI are used to translate the output DisplayPort signal into a HDMI signal.

If it is Type C direct DP, it should be much cheaper, and the mini DP port is much smaller than HDMI.

I am going to buy the recommended Dell and go bigger touch monitors for office and portable use. Docking station selection is not good, adapt the go bigger with the original wiring of the phone, adapt the Dell docking station to be able to charge the phone. You can connect the U disk to facilitate the data, please recommend a brand multi-purpose USB docking station.

4K 30 frames All-I or IPB, clog built-in or plug-in, 10 bit 4K HDMI output supports BT.2020 color Matrix, manual focus assisted from Cinema EOS, touch control bar on the right side of the electronic viewfinder can set multiple functions, Currently ps4 has DHCP protection, purchased an HDMI cables from Nextbuying, but it seems that the version is too new, no use is planning to buy the second one.

The HDMI output with audio, connected to the stereo through the headphone jack on the display, but it is not convenient to plug in the headphones, or insert the handle, the sound quality is touching, so the xBox has a fiber output port.

The projector uses VGA, because the line required by the projector is super long, hundreds of meters above tens of meters, but like DVI, HDMI, DP line, they are all digital signal transmission, the length will be long, the signal will have Loss, loss (except industrial flagship, but generally quite expensive) so VGA comes in handy, VGA is analog signal, and cheaper than the former, and most mid-to-high-end, flagship projectors will be more Road VGA.


HDMI 1.4 up to 4K 30FPS

HDMI 2.0 up to 4K 60FPS

DP 1.4 up to 8K 60HZ

Saturday, September 1, 2018

What think wireless charging in home or car holder ?

Many people think that wireless charging is very tasteless, charging is slow, you can't play while you are playing, it will increase the thickness and cost of the phone, but I don't think so, because I think wireless charging is a supplementary solution instead of line charging. An alternative, for example, I will put a wireless charging base in the bedside table, and I can charge it before going to bed. For example, I will buy a car wireless charging holder. When driving, put the phone on the top and both can navigate and charge. Said very convenient.

I think that picking up and dropping at any time is the biggest advantage of wireless charging. Some people think that it is a chicken rib. The popular explanation is: You are not "lazy". If you think that plugging in the line is also a kind of tired, you will feel that wireless charging is too convenient. It's just that it's not fast enough now, but this is something that can be improved by iteration, this is the trend is inevitable.

So slow speed is useless the wireless charge??  there is no difference between putting time on the bed and plugging in the socket! Really unlimited charging, but as long as you connect to WiFi, the phone is charging, you can manually select to turn off. This is the real unlimited charging, buy a scrap iron bigger than the charging plug, also called unlimited charging?

HP VEER has wireless charging, Nokia lumia920 has wireless charging, Samsung has wireless charging from S3, but need to buy a back cover with a coil. Some features are better than nothing. You don't like to ignore it, and there is no charging port on your phone.

Wireless charging technology is really not perfect now. If you can charge wirelessly in the air, is cool.  I have always thought that wireless charging is a kind of power-up. It saves a lot of things without frequent plugging and unplugging. Some are not fast charging, there is not a few A current, the usage scene is good, I got a JBL Bluetooth headset a few days ago. After using it a few times, I found a big problem, charging, sometimes forgetting to turn off, or even turning off, there are always charging problems, I feel that wireless still has to be wireless charged.

I have a line on the bedside or on the computer. I don’t want to charge it. I don’t want to charge it. I want to charge it with a wireless charger. I want to charge it. I don’t have to charge it. What is the difference?

Hot line charging and many second wireless charging positions should be placed accurately and accurately, not charging, three wireless charging, how many lines can be purchased, the car phone holder ( on Nextbuying) can be charged, and the navigation can be plugged in, so I feel very tasteless.

Car phone holder is a good thing, Nextbuying has a new wireless charging function, but also gravity linkage automatic clamping.