Wednesday, April 24, 2019

HUAWEI FreeLace wireless earbuds was booked yesterday

The HUAWEI FreeLace wireless earbuds was booked yesterday on Nextbuying, and I received the goods this morning today. Now I am wearing headphones and enjoying Huawei music in bed! The three-dimensional feeling is strong, just like KTV listening to songs.
HUAWEI FreeLace Wireless Earbuds

Huawei FreeLace wireless headset supports 5 minutes fast charging and up to 18 hours of playback,  Huawei FreeLace configuration Type-C USB interface, can be paired with the direct plug-in phone to charge, 5-mins charging can maintain 4 hours of battery life, can play for 18h continuously, made of flexible memory metal cable, passive noise reduction.

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HUAWEI FreeLace wireless earbuds SPEC


Graphite black
Amber Sunrise
Emerald Green
Moonlight Silver



BUTTON : Multi Function / Power / Volume

18-hour playback on one charge*
Battery:120mAh, Lithium ion button battery.

CHARGING TIME : 4-hour playback in 5-miunte charge

It can be refueled by your phone anytime anywhere***

TYPE Wireless Bluetooth eardphones
SPEC Memory Cable + Metal Cavity + Liquid Silicon

Weight: 27g

Cable length: 788 mm; Total length: 837 mm

DRIVER : ⌀9.2 mm dynamic

Once plugged in the Type-C, it completes the whole pairing process**

In The Box
Earphones / USB-C charging cable / Quick Start Guide / Eartips with six size options

Monday, April 22, 2019

Oneplus 7 use Samsung dynamic amoled screen ??

About Oneplus company flagship new smartphone model oneplus 7 use new screen, I think the possibility of adopting the dynamic amoled of the S10 series is not great. The dynamic amoled is also called dynamic amoled, or the super sensory full-screen.

The color is vivid, the brightness is higher, the black is darker, and the cost is higher. Quite expensive, the yield is very low, the production capacity is limited, currently used on the 5000+ machine, the cheapest S10e is also 4999, the price of one plus can not support.

OPPO Reno's screen is actually better than the previous amoled, the brightness is higher, so I think 1+7 is basically the technology of this screen, up to 2k, or simply use Reno's screen. see more oneplus smartphone oneplus 6t and oneplus 6 price on Nextbuying.

But Liu said that the cost is 2-3 times higher than this sentence is worth pondering, suggesting that Oneplus 7 smartphone may adopt a flexible screen design, the cost of flexible screen amoled is 2-3 times that of hard screen, but I still use this kind of mobile phone.

The price raises strong questions. In the end, I guess, 1+7 uses a 2k display hard screen like Reno screen technology, or a flexible screen with 1080p resolution. It is not easy to replace the position of S10+ machine, because the key problem of S10+ is equipped with dynamic amoled. On the basis of the five cameras before and after, ultra-thin, this is invincible.