Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to select HDMI cables?

HDMI cables industry after several years of development, has become more mature, many brands HDMI cables, consumers should pay? How to select HDMI cables?

Confirm the version of the HDMI cable 
1.4  to 2.0 version of the HDMI cable is the mainstream, the perfect support 4K resolution, support 3D.

Size of the HDMI interface
Before buying HDMI cables, confirm the TV, display device HDMI interface size, so as not to buy wrong HDMI cable. Micro HDMI width of about 6 mm; standard interface for the HDMI (A type), the width of about 15 mm; Mini HDMI, width of 10.5 mm.

Thin HDMI cables do not choose
Too thin HDMI cable not to buy. Wire core material and the thickness of the shield on the signal quality of a great relationship, thin wire certainly on the core and the shield to do a "shrink", we must pay more attention. HDMI cable common line rules are four 22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG, 28AWG, the larger the number of HDMI cable core thinner, the shorter the transmission distance. using 32AWG core, aluminum foil on the signal transmission without any impact.

Buy all-copper core HDMI cable
HDMI core material on the wire performance plays a decisive role, the use of copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum wire core impedance, signal attenuation significantly, especially when the long-distance transmission is more obvious. Select the copper core HDMI cable to support ultra-long distance transmission, to ensure signal stability. Good HDMI cable can still guarantee the signal does not decay, support 1080P HD resolution.

Should select the interface to gold-plated HDMI cables
The market is better quality HDMI cable are used 24K gold-plated, so you can effectively solve the plug after multiple plug-in contact with the problem, in order to avoid the phenomenon of signal loss, affecting the screen effect.

Buy HDMI cable
Buy the HDMI cables should choose the appropriate length. Buy the best before the need to measure the length of the need cable is not enough, or too long and cause waste.

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