Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bought a cases for Nexus 7

I bought a rather cheap case from NextBuying, and applied it to the paper using double sided tape. I may cut a channel into the paper leather to make the case a little more flush to the cases cover it is rather easy to do. Took me just one day.

My son just got himself a new Nexus 7 and he'll be wanting a case. Seems like this would be a much classier way to go.  I really like the authentic look of the leather and how the nexus looks as though it is float

The case makes the tablet a lot heavier, but hey, it works out fine.The cables can be attached while the cover is closed; there really isn't anything much to block the ports. 

Also, the book is able to be folded in half, giving it a pretty good angle for typing. The next one I make, i will probably put more space between the spine and the covers. Hopefully this will give it a little more flexibility. I may also make the cardboard covers a little smaller, as well in nextbuying only $12.99

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