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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

android 3.0 Tablet PC

A few hours after Google unpacking the new version of its smartphone operating system, Android head Andy Rubin took a look at the next major release, which respond to the pills.
At the D: conference mobile Immersion kick Monday night's event, Rubin pulled out a cloth bag from his bag and unzipped to reveal a piece of black plastic.
"This is not because of some time," Rubin began.
The device, he explained, is a Tablet PC that Google is working at Motorola.
The hardware and software that ran iPad bear similarities. Many electronics manufacturers are working on Android compressed with 7-inch screen diagonal.IPAD has a 9.7 inch screen, and this mystery device examined by the human eye at this size.
In particular, the tablet prototype does not have the signature of the four buttons used to navigate the system Android. This is on purpose, "said Rubin.
By placing the tablets in every way, the screen changes its orientation in response to the user. buttons fixed on the material, obviously, can not change position depending on how you hold the camera. While IPAD is a button on your face, "I always get a little lost," said Rubin.
Android developers have more to simplify the software, Rubin said. Common tasks should be buried in a sea of menus. Google has also made a bet on Matias Duarte, designer of the famous Palm WebOS that Google hired.
"You will see the fruits of this investment in the first tablet, then back to the phones," Rubin said Duarte working on the beautification of Android.
"Probably I now characterize the Android platform as a pioneer in the adoption," he said. This redesign would probably make the system more accessible.
In this inaugural preview of Android 3.0, called Honeycomb, Rubin was on the tablet screen and was greeted with a screen lock colors. He used his index finger to punch a circular display unit, and dragged an inch or two to enter the home screen.
After avoiding the problems at home before talking about the integration of videoconferencing in Android, Rubin smiled, dug a chat application that Google Video had dispersed icons.
The main screen shows icons size of application buttons on a phone, which means you can include more applications and widgets on the screen.
Rubin then proceeded to show a new version of Google Maps that can navigate in three dimensions with two fingers gestures. A shift in the direction of change in the orientation polar map. A film is moving up the view to see the outlines of buildings and grounds.
The new Nokia Maps will be available for Android phones "in a matter of days," said Rubin. An update will join some 130,000 other applications on the Android Market.Some features only work on new phones.
As for bees, Rubin did not provide a timeline of the wave "next year." Be the first release on the Motorola platform, then on boards of other smartphones.
The design of this pill no key is notable because these types of devices passing Google often the tone of what future products will look like Android.