Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Xiaomi Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Xiaomi on the  IoT developer release a new gadgets Xiaomi Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor, High sensitivity sensor LCD screen, magnetic wall stickers and ultra-low power consumption.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Real-time monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity changes Built-in advanced Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor.

Accurate and sensitive Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, accurately sensing 0.1 ° C room temperature change and 0.1% relative humidity change, refresh once a second, more accurate measurement!

Connection Smart device of the indoor environment Smart home smart hardware, through the Smart Home Gateway, the temperature and humidity sensors. hot weather, automatically turn on the air conditioning, indoor dry, automatic open humidifier.

design of the wall stickers xiaomi Bluetooth thermometer can easily on the wall, Interested in the price on Nextbuying

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