Thursday, March 26, 2015

Xiaomi Yi Sports Action Camera

Coincided my thought of buying first Sports action Camera xiaomi to test with Syma X8C Quadcpter . Excited about this camera, Ordered one from , started to Google the  first looks, here is what i came through, a quick review of Yi action sports camera GoPro Hero called Yi action camera just only $98 it's a 16 megapixel camera capable of shooting 1080p video at 60 frames, that uses sony's highly rated (Exmor R CMOS) image sensor.

We live in a very interesting world, technology has become an integral part of our lives, and that connection will become even stronger in the future.

Xiaomi brings their High specs and Low Price Concept to a completely new category with their Xiaomi Yi Action Camera, or how we like to call them Xiaomi Yi Action Camera i would say a whole lot less the amount as there are consumers who actually care for the life of the people who are exploited to bring us our cherish devices. 

Once had the app installed proceed to find the camera, the process is quite simple:

- Turn on the camera
- Press the button wifi few seconds and starts flashing when we give the camera icon in the app
- Appear to us the camera, select it and after a few seconds we connect showing a preview of this showing camera

the menu is quite simple, it's like google camera for instance .... this video, photo .... snapshop and swiping left or right are changing option

According commented to us sending me It would take us about three weeks to arrive, depending on emails. Today surely'll have new information, so the difference between buy it apart and the joint may be a few days only, depending on us to do with the case.

Let's see ... it's not easy to have a big stock of a product that just came out a week ago and knowing how to sell that has Xiaomi on the other side with the exchange, increasingly less interested in waiting because the euro it will continue to fall, it would be interesting also that in this case we Nextbuying decent shipping.

- The market stabilizes and prices fall, I think in the coming weeks 2 or 3 will drop another
- Can we expect more feedback from people and see if there are problems ...
- We hope to come out aquatica case and accessories as happens in the sj5000
- Firmware updates will better see the potential of the camera ...

Nextbuying link :