Friday, January 14, 2011

iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5
As rumored, the iPhone 5 will address the question of the reception that most iPhone users have complained 4. Beyond that, Apple has also been rumored to be in the process of developing a payment system that will use your iPhone to serve as a kind of credit card at various shops and stores - no need to dial additional.

In fact, Apple has hired Benjamin Vigier, a renowned expert in the field of mobile payments. Benjamin Vigier has been known to use a technology called near field communication or NFC. Vigier is one of Apple's product managers and now, essentially, was appointed to manage Apple Mobile Commerce Division. Vigier addition, Apple also hired some engineers phone are well known in the NFC and other mobile technologies such as.
These actions are done by Apple, some believe that it means only that the new generation iPhone will be able to act as payment in stores such as certain models of phones in Japan that can be used for subway rides and vending machines.
According to a reliable source, Apple will integrate this technology with hardware NFC, NXP Semiconductor, which is the market leader when it comes to the NFC. These reliable sources also revealed that Apple has made the implementation of NFC prototype iPhone is also some evidence relating to mobile payments.

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