Sunday, December 26, 2010

Flytouch 2 reset and system issue

Next day, when I turn on my flytouch II, It can't boot up, the started it up
to the Green screen then stop to loading. Try many ways, power on/off or
released all the battery life to restart again, But all fault, my tablet pc
now is bricked "green color Brick". I don't know what happen on it. It's made
me so sad. Can anyone help to solve the problem, Please !

I have try to find solutions on internet and with this procedure:
hit the reset button ( on the side of the tablet ) then hold the Home and
power button at the same time until the screen with a triangle and an X
appear. but never appear with a lot of button's usage (time to push,change home by menu etc)
may be a sd card is necessary with what software on it ?

try to 1-reset 2- hold home( button near wifi on/off switch) and power on and hold these two button 30 sec and nothing happen.
but I have try this 1-reset 2 hold large black button with white square in it in front and power on it appear on the screen on white on black:
1- a serial of number more 8 serial of 8 number
2- a text System will boot in 5s ... (decreasing 4s,3s,2s,1s and start to the green screen)

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  1. I am having the same problem, received my Super Pad on Thursday 17th March 2011. The unit booted fine the first 4 - 5 times, but now it starts to boot and then the screen goes black. Tried doing a hard reset on the system A,B,C dose not work. It starts to reboot then gets stuck at 1s on the boot screen.