Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Android Tablet 3G setting network Tablet 3G Use

If find the android 3G setting and Android Tablet 3G use , the Android Tablets Support External 3G Network via USB Modem: WCDMA
and Google android tablet pc's review for the Samsung Coretex A8 PV210 Android Tablet  Set 3G

Support External 3G Network via USB Modem: WCDMA (support HUAWEI E220/E1750/E156G and ZTE MF637U
Currently 3G model which this device supports includes HUAWEI E220/E1750/E156G and ZTE MF637U.
The steps to install are as follows:
1)insert the mini USB port of the USB Converter Cable into the "Host" port of this tablet.
2)insert modem to the standard USB port of the the USB Converter Cable.
3)open this software on the desk called"3G setting",and select"New a 3G network".Then there will be a dialog box,where you can select your model( HUAWEI E220/E1750/E156G or ZTE MF637),and finally click "connect",and you'll complete the installation.
Attention please,if you want to surf the Internet via 3G,you need shut down WIFI at first.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Android Tablet 2011 Best Android Tablets

The Great 2011 and the hot android tablet 2011 , you need more about the android tablet review ? you need more know android tablet 2011 ?
yes ! googleandroidtabletpc's blog review the 2011 android tablet 

The Title is Android Tablet 2011 , so move the apple iPad review :)

Top 1 android tablet 2011 :
    Samsung ship PV210 have 7 inch Multi Touch Capacitive Screen fast processor 1.0 GHZ have DDR2 512MB and 4GB Flash Disk Rom 
    Android 2.2 froyo system support flash 10.1 online player and online flash game, Support android Market have 1.3MP Camera and HDMI video output 

Friday, May 6, 2011

S5PV210 Processor A8 Android 2.2 Tablet

Cool Capacitive screen S5PV210 Processor A8 Android 2.2 Tablet , 
The Tablet PC Processor is Samsung S5PV210 Coretex A8 Fast 1.0 GHz
The Tablet PC have 7 inch Capacitive Double Touch Screen and fast DDR2 512MB Ram \ 4GB Flash Disk Rom
 Android 2.2 froyo system support flash player , 
Support 3G  and 1.3 MP Camera and  HDMI output support 1080p video
 Support android market