Sunday, June 5, 2011

Google Android Tablet 2011 Tablet PC 2011

The MAY is end you can find what 2011 year the google android tablet the tablet PC 2011 first the Samsung S5PV210 Processor Android Tablet Top 1 is samsung coretex A8 S5PV210 7 inch android 2.2 tablet PC capacitive screen have good processor 1.2 GHZ and 512MB DDR2 Ram Support double Touch.

Android 2.3 Tablet Google Android 2.3 Tablet PC

The 2.3 android system have high speed run time and cool design you can check the Android 2.3 Tablet system. 
Today Google Android Tablet PCs blog review the Google Android 2.3 Tablet Samsung s5pv210 Support flash 10.2 player the Android tablets have Samsung processor S5PV210 and 512MB DDR2 Ram disk 4GB and Built In HDMI Support 1080P HD video
it enables you to watch online videos on youtube, browser internet, play games, check email easily. simply accessing the Android Market from the menu, you can download a huge variety of
free and paid software from the Android Marketplace.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Android Tablet 3G setting network Tablet 3G Use

If find the android 3G setting and Android Tablet 3G use , the Android Tablets Support External 3G Network via USB Modem: WCDMA
and Google android tablet pc's review for the Samsung Coretex A8 PV210 Android Tablet  Set 3G

Support External 3G Network via USB Modem: WCDMA (support HUAWEI E220/E1750/E156G and ZTE MF637U
Currently 3G model which this device supports includes HUAWEI E220/E1750/E156G and ZTE MF637U.
The steps to install are as follows:
1)insert the mini USB port of the USB Converter Cable into the "Host" port of this tablet.
2)insert modem to the standard USB port of the the USB Converter Cable.
3)open this software on the desk called"3G setting",and select"New a 3G network".Then there will be a dialog box,where you can select your model( HUAWEI E220/E1750/E156G or ZTE MF637),and finally click "connect",and you'll complete the installation.
Attention please,if you want to surf the Internet via 3G,you need shut down WIFI at first.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Android Tablet 2011 Best Android Tablets

The Great 2011 and the hot android tablet 2011 , you need more about the android tablet review ? you need more know android tablet 2011 ?
yes ! googleandroidtabletpc's blog review the 2011 android tablet 

The Title is Android Tablet 2011 , so move the apple iPad review :)

Top 1 android tablet 2011 :
    Samsung ship PV210 have 7 inch Multi Touch Capacitive Screen fast processor 1.0 GHZ have DDR2 512MB and 4GB Flash Disk Rom 
    Android 2.2 froyo system support flash 10.1 online player and online flash game, Support android Market have 1.3MP Camera and HDMI video output 

Friday, May 6, 2011

S5PV210 Processor A8 Android 2.2 Tablet

Cool Capacitive screen S5PV210 Processor A8 Android 2.2 Tablet , 
The Tablet PC Processor is Samsung S5PV210 Coretex A8 Fast 1.0 GHz
The Tablet PC have 7 inch Capacitive Double Touch Screen and fast DDR2 512MB Ram \ 4GB Flash Disk Rom
 Android 2.2 froyo system support flash player , 
Support 3G  and 1.3 MP Camera and  HDMI output support 1080p video
 Support android market 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

freescale 9.7 inch cortex imx515 Android 2.2 Tablet PC Review

The cool freescale 9.7 inch Tablet PC have Cortex imx515 1 Ghz processor and 512 MB Ram , cool flash light 9.7" HD Multi-touch capacitative touch Screen , Review the Freescale 9.7 inch ship board  name cortex imx515 Android 2.2 system Tablet PC review 
Support adobe flash 10.1 video player , you can join youtube view online video and join facebook run more online game , support for 1080p HD video playback ,  Gravity Sensor, Built-in WiFi, 3D Games as well as over 60 000 uses enables by downloading applications from the Google Android Market (

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Zenithink ZT180- 2 Best Review ZT-180 Tablet PC

    you know the 2010 hot Tablet PC ? the Zenithink ZT-180 is best Android Tablet

The ZT-180 have fast 1Ghz CPU Great 1GMHZ Andriod 2.1 10” Touchscreen Tablet PC is convenient, easy-to-use and the latest in personal computing trends
The Tablet comes with 256MB RAM , It has a processor speed of 1GHz, one USB port, an HDMI plug, SD card slot, and built-in memory of 2GB. Micro sd card up 
It has Wi-Fi connectivity and a Li-ion battery that lets you use the tablet for 5 hours without a recharge.
It runs on the Andriod 2.1 platform. With your google account, you can download a huge variety of free and paid software from the Android Market       
The New  Zenithink ZT180- 2 Best ZT 180 2  Android Tablet PC have 1Ghz Processor and Update to 512MB Ram and add Camera of 1.3 mega pixels
you can run cool 3D Game and online skype Talk , great new Zenithink  ll ZT180 2 10.2" inch Android 2.2 512MB Ram 1G Process Tablet PC is convenient, easy-to-use and the latest in personal computing trends.designed to allow you to watch movies, listen to music, play games, read documents and surf the web on the go. It supports 1080P video in a variety of formats including AVI and MPEG as well plays MP3s, WMAs and a number of other audio formats. In addition, it is compatible with word, excel, powerpoint and pdf documents.
  • Max Standby Time: 5 Hours with WIFI on, 8 Hours with WIFI off, Thanks to the LED energy-saving back lit 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flytouch 2 and Flytouch 3 Fly Touch Tablet PC (Super Pad 2,3) Review

You know the Fly Touch Tablet PC Flytouch 2 Flytouch 3 is best Tablet PC hot sales series , more port USB and TF card port have HDMI out put have GPS and fast wifi 11b/g and support 3G and Camera: 1.3 M pixtel
also the tablet pc process have fast 1GHZ more Ram DDR 2 512MB etc.. 

First review the Flytouch 3 Super Pad: 
Processor: Infortm X220 ARM11 1Ghz 
Android 2.2 System 
512MB DDR2 Ram 
Rom (Flash Disk )4GB and 8GB 
Power On/off, Front-side Back Button,Home and Menu buttons on the side
Camera: 1.3 M pixtel
2x USB2.0(OTG), 1 x TF card slot, 1 x DC jack 1×HDMI

Friday, April 8, 2011

Samsung Coretex-A8 S5PV210 Capacitive Screen Tablet PC

Today Googleandroidtabletpc's blog review the Samsung Coretex-A8 S5PV210 Capacitive Screen Tablet PC 

The Android Tablet PC have fast 1GB CPU (Samsung Coretex A8 S5pv210) and DDR2 512mb Ram and 4GB Rom Disk 

Highlights the Android 2.2 Tablets is Capacitive Screen support double touch and have high lights screen 

System android 2.2 froyo support flash 10.1 support Skype and run facebook game 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Android 2.2 Flytouch 3 Tablet PC Froyo Super Pad Flytouch3

The hot tablet pc and 2011 is hot tablet pc year, google android tablet pc's blog review a now hot sale android 2.2 tablet pc flytouch 3 android 2.2 tablet pc (super pad

The tablet pc  have CPU 1ghz fast spend and 512mb ddr2 ram and 4-8 gb rom ,
 Infortm x220 arm11 1ghz  google android 2.2 (support flash 10.1player ) 
external memory: supports up to 32GB tf cards 
display: 1024×600 resolution, 10”lcd screen 
built In GPS

have tablet pc run app game and facebook game is very fast speed ! 

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You may use the Google eBook reader Android vertically or horizontally and it is perfect for viewing movies, reading e-books, listening to music, etc. Usage time is about 3-5 hours depending on type of usage
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