Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New !The Android 2.2 Tablet PC Froyo Cortex Freescale IMX515 A8 Add a Camera

Cool ! I check The The Android 2.2 Tablet PC Froyo Cortex Freescale IMX515 A8 Add a 2.0 Mega Pixels Camera
The Spec : 
Processor CPU: Freescale freescale iMX515 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 core 
This 8 inch Google Android Tablet PC is our first to sport the latest 2.2 Android Operating system codename FROYO.
Using this device immediately elevates you above the best of the current crop of Android Tablets.
It's advanced Freescale Chipset and Cortex Processor combine well to give it a fluid feeling interface not yet seen outwith the Apple iPad family.
Cortex A8 800MHZ cpu
32KB instruction and data caches
Unified 256KB L2 cache
Operating System: Google Android 2.2 Froyo support Flash10.1
Memory RAM: 512MB DDR2 (emphasis: Flash10 fluent
Memory ROM: 4GB (Built-in TF card for easy assembly Upgrade)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Freescale iMX515 Cortex A8 Android 2.2 8" Tablet PC Reset to factory setting

It is for system reset to factory setting
1. Connect the charger (make sure well connected)
2. Power off status, Hold the Menu & Home key at the same time (the rocker sw), then power on
3. Keep holding the Menu and Home key, then it appears Andriod logo -> penguin logo--> then you will see "Andriod system recovery"
4. Press menu, home key move the cursor up and down to select 2. wipe date/factory reset.  Then press the circle button to accept

Friday, January 14, 2011

iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5
As rumored, the iPhone 5 will address the question of the reception that most iPhone users have complained 4. Beyond that, Apple has also been rumored to be in the process of developing a payment system that will use your iPhone to serve as a kind of credit card at various shops and stores - no need to dial additional.

In fact, Apple has hired Benjamin Vigier, a renowned expert in the field of mobile payments. Benjamin Vigier has been known to use a technology called near field communication or NFC. Vigier is one of Apple's product managers and now, essentially, was appointed to manage Apple Mobile Commerce Division. Vigier addition, Apple also hired some engineers phone are well known in the NFC and other mobile technologies such as.
These actions are done by Apple, some believe that it means only that the new generation iPhone will be able to act as payment in stores such as certain models of phones in Japan that can be used for subway rides and vending machines.
According to a reliable source, Apple will integrate this technology with hardware NFC, NXP Semiconductor, which is the market leader when it comes to the NFC. These reliable sources also revealed that Apple has made the implementation of NFC prototype iPhone is also some evidence relating to mobile payments.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woo IPad 2 !

Look The Apple iPad 2 Tablet PC

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Google Android 3.0 Update Item

Google Android 3.0 Update Item:

1, the new version of the Android system uses a new JIT compiler for efficientimplementation of the procedures

2, the new system, Linux kernel upgrade from 2.6.29 to 2.6.32, the new kernel cancontrol more RAM memory

3,3 D performance will be strengthened, in particular the support for the OpenGL ES 2.0

4, will be built-in Flash 10.1

5, system integration App2sd function, can have a choice to install the application to the SD card above6, better support for multi-touch, Nexus One amendment to the above problems, and may consider joining the three-touch operation

7, enhanced support for FM radio module, and more have access to FM functionsmobile phone.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Android Tablet PC Capacitive touch screen

                                                                       Check the Android Tablet PC Capacitive touch screen
  • Rockchip 2818 Dual Core(ARM+DSP) 600MHz
  • RAM: 256MB DDR2 
  • Double touch
    • Storage: 2GB MLC Nand Flash
    • Built-in USB HOST channel dedicated to support TD, WCDMA, EVDO etc. 3G module 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Flytouch 2 reset and system issue

Next day, when I turn on my flytouch II, It can't boot up, the started it up
to the Green screen then stop to loading. Try many ways, power on/off or
released all the battery life to restart again, But all fault, my tablet pc
now is bricked "green color Brick". I don't know what happen on it. It's made
me so sad. Can anyone help to solve the problem, Please !

I have try to find solutions on internet and with this procedure:
hit the reset button ( on the side of the tablet ) then hold the Home and
power button at the same time until the screen with a triangle and an X
appear. but never appear with a lot of button's usage (time to push,change home by menu etc)
may be a sd card is necessary with what software on it ?

try to 1-reset 2- hold home( button near wifi on/off switch) and power on and hold these two button 30 sec and nothing happen.
but I have try this 1-reset 2 hold large black button with white square in it in front and power on it appear on the screen on white on black:
1- a serial of number more 8 serial of 8 number
2- a text System will boot in 5s ... (decreasing 4s,3s,2s,1s and start to the green screen)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flytouch 2 Android Tablet PC etc Update ROM

The link that davidmonas posted is the right one but it has a lot of things.

What you have to do is:

1) Get a cable to connect the tablet to the pc.

2) go here and get the last firmware --------- or  www

3) Get the burntool here -----------

4) Extract both of them

4) Turn off you tablet.

5) Connect the table to the pc with the cable

6) Hold the Menu button + Power button for 5 seconds

7) In windows it will pop up a message saying that a new device has been detected and the it will say that it was impossible to find drivers to connect the device.
 Go to your Control panel --> Device manager. Change to classic view to find the Device manager
 It will show some unreconized hardware with a yellow mark. Rigth click on that-----> update Driver
The in the new window that popups you choose Install from a list or a specific location ----> Dont search i will choose the driver to install --> Have a disk ---> then browse to the place where you extracted the burntool ---> choose the file named  "secbulk.inf" and confirm. Then just do next-next-next till the end

8 ) go to the place where you extracted the burn tool and open the file name burntool_v07.5

9) in the burntool you should see the device10  bar at green if the device is correctly connected to the pc

Sunday, December 12, 2010

7 inch Google Android Tablet PC 3G E-Book

Not sure which books to bring on your trip? With the Google eBook reader, you will never have to make that choice again.This Google Android 7" touch screen colour eBook reader is very easy to use and have all the features you have been waiting for! Fast web surfing, email, easy touch screen, listen to your favorite music, movies, Google android app market and more! You can add a micro TF card and download anything you want use this Google book reader! You can use this specific eBook reader Android every single day. The Android eBook reader is lightweight, has tons of features, fast and easy to use! This Android eBook reader comes with the most updated and most compatible for the device. It has 2GB local storage to handle multiple apps. You may use the Android eBook reader vertically or horizontally and it is perfect for viewing movies, reading e-books, listening to music, etc. Usage time is about 3-5 hours depending on type of usage.  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Android tablet V7V

7.0 inch 800 x 480 resolution LED TFT LCD screen, simple appearance,
only 14 mm slim, gently tap the icon into the program,
V7v also has more than the mouse wheel was smooth and multidimensional
control trackball (Track Ball),
Android 2.1 Built in  8GB memory
Storage: Build-in 4GB-16GB, TF card extendable 1GB-16GB
OTG Function(support 32 GB disk)
G-sensor gravity sensingt
Optional external 3G module dongle CDMA2000 1xEV-DO & WCDMA.

 Video: support 1280*720P, RM,RMVB,AVI(H.264/H.263),MOV,
Audio: support MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, AAC, OGG,etc,
Software: Google browser, Google map, Gmail, Skype, MSN,etc.
Android Tablet V7V >>